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What Is Spirituality?

Mon, 6 Mar 2023 By SKmystic

Spirituality is something that can have many prospects that has the meaning of being connected with something bigger than the Universe involves searching the meaning in life. It is the experience which all of us realize with the time. Some people describe spirituality as the interconnectedness with a deep sense of aliveness. People use to think that their spiritual life has mixed up linked with their association with temple, church, mosque, and gurudwara. Some do prayer and able to recognize their relationship with the god or the absolute. Some feel their spirituality with nature or art. Everyone has their own definition of spirituality as it changes with time and experience throughout life.

Definitions of spirituality by some greatest philosophers

“Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life.”

– Buddha

Spirituality means any experience that is thought to bring the experiencer into contact with the divine

Mario Beauregard and Denyse O’Leary

How spirituality is related to religion

As we know spirituality includes the component of religion. But we cannot say spirituality and religion are the same things or we cannot say that spirituality is wholly different from religion. So to understand the relation between the religion and spirituality we need to understand them together

  • Like region makes us know how to practice rites or rituals should I follow and spirituality makes us know what the meaning behind them is.
  • Religion let us know what is right or wrong and spiritually make us feels how we connected.
  • Religion makes us know what is true or false and spirituality make us know how should we live

The things which are common in them are the belief, comfort, reflection, and ethics. And all those things totally depend on individual experience, through which they decide the way to think, feel, and behave.

How emotional health is different from spirituality

When we start exploring different practices regarding spirituality, we find that it is pretty much similar to practices of improving emotional well being. As there is a connection between the spiritual and emotional well being. Spirituality is something which is bigger than ourselves that results in peace, awe, contentment, gratitude, and acceptance and emotional wellbeing is something which helps us to develop the state of mind to recognize and incorporate with something bigger than ourselves. So spirituality and emotional well being are different from each other but, somehow interlinked with each other.


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