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Sat, 4 Mar 2023 By Sushil

Geometric patterns in India are of various forms which actually focus on the upliftment of humanity.The purpose of geometric patterns in India drawn during auspicious ceremonies bring peace and harmony in the lives of the people. Geometric patterns or designs are drawn in the ritualistic ways which have been followed since many centuries. Geometric patterns or signs are also noticed in every ancient fort, palace and temple in India which led to an ethereal effect on anyone who visits. Any geometric pattern drawn on the earth brings good luck to the person. In the southern part of India, in Tamil Nadu, women clean their houses in the early morning and draw ritualistic Kolam or rangoli designs using rice flour.

The ground becomes the canvas marking the entry point or at the entrance. It happens to bring good luck and prosperity to the house and family which is dedicated to Goddess Laxmi on any auspicious occasion like Diwali. These forms of geometric patterns have been noticed not only in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and some parts of Maharashtra. Alpona is the sacred art or the painting done on any surface that is horizontal during any auspicious ceremony like Durga puja, wedding and thread ceremony. Ingredient is rice flour used for painting the floor. The same geometric patterns like that in West Bengal are also drawn in Orissa which is known as jhoti or chita, Muggula in Andhra Pradesh and Aripana in Bihar. Mehendi designs are quite popular not only in the Northern part of India but also in almost every corner of the country. Both Hindu and Muslim women apply these designs of Mehendi on hand and feet to gain good fortune during the wedding and engagements.

It is a common belief that the deeper the color of the Mehendi appears, luck would be more favorable on her side in winning the love of her spouse In Kerala, a similar type of Mehendi that is Mailanchi drawn on the hand and feet of the women. Swastik is another form of popular Indian geometric design which actually resolves the existing marital problem in anyone’s life. Swastika with kumkum in havan and pooja cleanses the air from all forms of toxins. Swastik also drawn on the vertical area at the entrance reduces the effect of Vastu dosha. Another most popular geometric pattern is Shree Yantra which actually addresses in reducing the negativity of all forms.

Many times, we see failures in our lives, we find ourselves in anxiety and stress , failure in investments , business and any other profession, broken relationships or marriage. To win back lost love and get into the way of marriage, business and other necessary activities, Sree Yantras has been able to generate positive energy. It is used in Diwali festivals and happens to bring spiritual and material wealth that actually promise prosperity. The art of Mandana which is another geometric sign is drawn in the neighboring Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh on the floors and the walls with mud, dung and lime. To receive success in every part of life pertaining to love , marriage and birth, Mandana floor and wall painting come to use. It is also used for the protection of home from evil spirits and maintaining
divinity in the household.


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