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How to Develop Intuition? Shree Meru Ring+Narasimha Lion Pendant

Mon, 6 Mar 2023 By SKmystic

What is intuition?

  • The whispers of your soul
  • The guy feelings
  • The pings in your heart
  • Strong feelings like love
  • The butterflies in your belly
  • Wild, creative, and crazy ideas
  • When your heart skips a beat
  • The dreams

How To Develop Intuition?

  • Pay attention to the very first feeling you have about the situation. It’s hard because our mental programs run very fast.
  • Notice when your first feeling was right. This is how you train your brain to pay attention and trust.
  • Stop being embarrassed about your feelings. Acknowledge them & understand.
  • Your feelings are like guidance. Negative feeling is what has to be changed and positive feeling is what has to be get stronger.
  • Work with third eye chakra. Visualize the white crystal & blue crystal energy cleaning your third eye chakra .
  • Connect with your soul and develop your brain through meditation & yoga.

The see the right and wrong paths clearly, this combination is best for you. It is the perfect combination & best way to fill your life with positivity, to keep your feelings, your energy, your mind positive.

It will protect you and will turn your bad fortune into good fortune, bad luck into good luck, and will turn your downs into ups.

This ring and pendant are like the presence of god with you who protects you and eases your life. It has the enormous power to make your way towards positivity & prosperity.

Boost your luck & make your life more effective & happening by just wearing Shree Meru Ring + Narasimha Lion pendant and live confidently & happily.


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