Sagittarius: Hanuman

Name of Rashi : Scorpio
Isht Dev: Lord Kartikeya


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Benefits of Lord Hanuman Worship
Brings relief to Marital Problems with the spouse.
Problems in career or family feuds get resolved with chanting of Hanuman mantras and doing his worships.
Rejuvenates worshippers from health disorders associated with heart, brain etc.
Chanting Hanuman Chalisa is a powerful remedial course against psychological problems like depression, anxiety etc.
Removes Planetary Transits doshas from the life of worshippers.
People under heavy debts get best solution for their problems with Hanuman’s worship.
Success in career, and discipline comes in one’s life comes.
Attainment of pleasant and happy mind becomes possible with Hanuman worship
Removes one’s bad habits like laziness, adultery, corruption and debauchery.
Benefits those affected with Shani dasha. It also nullifies the malefic effect of Mangal dasha.


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