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Capricorn: Goddess Durga

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    Goddess Durga is believed to have originated from Goddess Parvati, as the female power born to kill the demons. She has nine other forms who supported her when she was told by Lord Shiva, to kill Mahishasura.

Customer reviews

Prerna (Pune)

Since incorporating the Durga idol into my spiritual practice, I have noticed a deeper connection to the divine. It has helped me expand my consciousness and awareness.

Thu, 16 Mar 2023

Shalini (Nainital)

The Durga idol has helped me tap into my inner strength and power. Her presence reminds me of my own inner divinity.

Thu, 16 Mar 2023

Rekha ( Mumbai)

I love the beauty and elegance of the Durga idol. It is a stunning piece of art that adds an uplifting energy to any space.

Mon, 13 Mar 2023

Sriti (Kolkata)

The Durga idol has helped me overcome obstacles and challenges in my life. Her energy reminds me to never give up and keep pushing forward.

Tue, 7 Mar 2023

Anoop (Bihar)

I purchased the Durga idol for my office and have noticed an increase in productivity and success. Her energy helps me stay focused and motivated.

Wed, 1 Mar 2023

Ruhi (Delhi)

The Durga idol has a powerful aura that radiates throughout my home. I feel more connected to the divine and the universe as a whole.

Mon, 27 Feb 2023

Geeta (Ahmedabad)

Since placing the Durga idol in my home, I have noticed an improvement in my relationships. It has helped me communicate more effectively and with compassion.

Wed, 22 Feb 2023

Sanjay (Gwalior)

The Durga idol is a powerful reminder of the importance of standing up for what you believe in. It encourages me to be brave and speak my truth.

Sat, 18 Feb 2023

Seema (Meerut)

I have noticed a significant improvement in my meditation practice since incorporating the Durga idol. Her presence helps me focus and stay present.

Wed, 8 Feb 2023

Ravi (Delhi)

The Durga idol is a beautiful reminder of the divine feminine energy. It represents the power and strength of women everywhere.

Thu, 2 Feb 2023

Ramesh (Gaziabad)

I purchased the Durga idol for my daughter who is going through a difficult time. It has brought her comfort and a sense of protection.

Tue, 31 Jan 2023

Heena (Bageshwar)

The Durga idol has brought a sense of calm to my life. Whenever I feel stressed or overwhelmed, I can look to her for guidance and strength.

Mon, 16 Jan 2023

Pranjal (Lucknow)

Since bringing the Durga idol into my home, I have noticed an increase in positive energy and a decrease in negativity. I feel more focused and productive.

Wed, 11 Jan 2023

Shweta (Delhi)

The Durga idol is beautifully crafted and adds an elegant touch to any space. I love the symbolism behind her eight arms, each representing a different power.

Fri, 6 Jan 2023

Namit Mishra ( Delhi)

I am so happy with my Durga idol! It brings a sense of peace and protection to my home. I feel empowered and confident with her presence.

Sun, 1 Jan 2023

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