Natural Quartz Cat’s Eye ( लहसुनिया )

  • Purpose:
    To remove mental stress, attain wealth and good luck
  • Symbolizes:
    Liberation, Abstract Thinking, Asceticism, Healing, Wisdom
  • SK Mystic Guarantee:
    100% Genuine, Lab Certified, and Authentic


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Name of rashi : Pisces
Sign: Water
Lord: Jupiter
Lucky God :  Lord Vishnu
Size : Adjustable
Material: Ashtadhatu

Benefits : Chrysoberyl, or cat’s eye stone brings luck to ones who are involved in the business of speculation, gambling, share trading, wards-off unhealthy desires, which are the primary causes of depression in a person.

Cat’s Eye Lehsunia is known to have healing powers against cancer. The gemstone cures the conditions of anorexia or loss of appetite.

Improves vision, eliminates Ketu Dasha, nullifies the evil effects of this planet,
provides relief from fears and negativity ,gifts wearer with wit, intelligence, creativity and quick learning abilities, helps revive business, brings prosperity and good luck, Protects from evil eye


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