Emerald ( पन्ना )

  • Purpose:
    To attain good results in trade and business, protect pregnant women
  • Symbolizes:
    Good Luck, Fame, Good Health, Knowledge and Popularity
  • SK Mystic Guarantee:
    100% Genuine, Lab Certified, and Authentic


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Remedy: Mercury is the lord of zodiac or moon sign, Gemini. The person of this sun or moon sign or of Ascendent Gemini should worship Lord Ganesha, Goddesses Laximi and Kali. It is advisable for people under Gemini sign or ascendant to wear  emerald.

Name of rashi : Gemini, Virgo
Sign: Young couple
Lord: Mercury
Beneficiary or Lucky God or Goddess : Goddess Laxmi
Size : Adjustable
Material: Ashtadhatu

Benefits: Gemini people should wear Emerald whose planet lord is Mercury. Wearing an emerald will help increase the memory power. It helps to improve the digestion power too. Wearing this gem will help in gaining promotion in job and business.


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