Cancer – Lord Hanuman

Name of Rashi : Cancer
Isht Dev: Lord Hanuman


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Benefits of Lord Hanuman Worship

  • Brings relief to Marital Problems with the spouse.
  • Problems in career or family feuds get resolved with chanting of Hanuman mantras and doing his worships.
  • Rejuvenates worshippers from health disorders associated with heart, brain etc.
  • Chanting Hanuman Chalisa is a powerful remedial course against psychological problems like depression, anxiety etc.
  • Removes Planetary Transits doshas from the life of worshippers.
  • People under heavy debts get best solution for their problems with Hanuman’s worship.
  • Success in career, and discipline comes in one’s life comes.
  • Attainment of pleasant and happy mind becomes possible with Hanuman worship
  • Removes one’s bad habits like laziness, adultery, corruption and debauchery.
  • Benefits those affected with Shani dasha. It also nullifies the malefic effect of Mangal dasha.


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