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Benefits of Gemstones in our lives in Astro way.

Every gemstone pertains to each nine planets as stated in Vedic astrology. Ruby represents the sun, pearl symbolizes moon, coral identifies with the planet Mars, Emerald represents mercury,, yellow sapphire is for Jupiter, diamond represents Venus, Blue Sapphire Stone is noted for Saturn, Hessonite for Ketu and Cat’s eye denotes for Ketu. You should choose the gemstone according to your planetary position in the horoscope.

How Rashi Gemstones transform your destiny?

Rashi gemstones are the stones according to your particular moon or sun sign. It is your rashi that actually builds your persona. In a certain point of life, we face a lot of difficulties in life and that becomes quite intolerable for us and we simply cannot resolve on our own. Under such circumstances, it is rashi gemstones that come to our use. These Rashi Gemstones possess supernatural powers to heal the malefic effects going in any person’s life. Problems in our lives can be many which are Marriage, work , Business and other family problems. Rashi Stone is as same as the Rashi Gemstones. In other words, it is also identified as Rashi Ratan which specializes in warding off the evil effects of life and surrounds the person with positive aura.

How does Rashi Ring reverse malefic effects in your life?

Depending on your sun sign or moon sign, you need to choose the particular ring with gemstone in it. For instance, if your star sign is Leo then you need to wear a ring with Ruby stone in it on Sunday. It is Anaamika, the ring finger where you need to wear the ring. The middle finger is the right place to wear a diamond ring and that is for the Vrisha or Taurus sign on Friday. For Gemini (Mithuna) moon sign, the person needs to wear Pearl or Moti on Kanishtha or little finger on Wednesday. For Capricorn or Kumbha, you need to wear Blue Sapphire Stone on madhyam or Middle finger. Yellow Sapphire ( Pukhraj) needs to be worn on the index finger or Tarjani on Thursday by the people with Sagitarius sign. The person with the Aries ( Mesha) sign should wear a coral ring on Tuesday (Mangalwar). The person with the Cancer sign should wear Pearl( Moti) on the little finger and a suitable day is Monday( Somawar).

Wearing the rashi rings will help you to get relieved from imbalance in your body and bless you with good luck..

What exactly is Birthstones and what is its importance?

Every month in the year indicates a particular Birthstone, For instance, people who are born in the month of January wears Garnet, who are born in the month of February wears Amethyst, born in the month of March should wear Auqamarine and people in the month of April should wear Diamond, people in the month of May should wear Emerald and the person born in the month of June should wear Pearl, July people should wear Ruby, people in the month of August should Peridot, September people should wear Sapphire, October people should wear Opal, born in the month of November should wear Topaz and December people should wear Tanzanite.

Every Birthstone has a specific type of positive energy and wearing it will help you to connect with cosmic areas of the universe. It will help in balancing your body, soul and mind.