This rather intriguing mandala begs the question: just how flexible are we?

When we go with the norm, with that which is comfortable and known, or safe, we prevent ourselves from stretching, growing and expanding.

We also end up resisting change, any change, including that which is ultimately in our best and greatest interest. And when we resist change long enough, we end up fighting it, being dragged forward kicking and screaming. Instead of coming from a place of strength and power we end up playing the victim, woe-is-me, card.

This month’s mandala encourages us to connect with our inner power to allow ourselves to believe and know that we can handle whatever comes our way. We’re being asked to take back our personal power, to take charge of our lives, to flow and grow.

Going from victim to empowered basically comes down to three steps (repeat as necessary):

  1. Acknowledge what is
  2. Assess the situation and possible options
  3. Decide to go with the status quo or choose something different

If it helps, we can also adopt this personal mantra: “I choose power”.

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