Google defines “bliss” as “perfect happiness; great joy.” It’s what makes our hearts sing.

Our challenge becomes to waddle through all the conflicting thoughts, concerns and ideas bouncing around in our head about “what we should do”, “what’s our purpose”, and other such things that we lose site of our true heart’s desire.

Aristotle professed after careful consideration that while we all may be different in our wants and needs, we all however have one thing in common: the pursuit of happiness. He added that in order for this pursuit to be equal for all, we must go about our pursuit without impeding others’ pursuit of happiness. What a concept!

This month’s mandala encourages to re-connect with our hearts. To observe as we go about our day, what brings us joy? What makes our heart sing? And to purposely do at least one thing a day that connects us with our inner bliss…like coloring mandalas.

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