Astrology: Myth or Reality

Astrology claims to divine information about human affairs and terrestrial events by studying the movements and relative positions of celestial objects. Astrology was founded 4000 years ago by sages in India. At the time Astrology was founded, there were no such scientific method or devices to find whether there were 9 planets and what is their position and will there be a change in climate or sea but sages used to predict signs of them with the help of Astrology. People believe that Astrology will tell the future of any person but it will only give the signs about what is going to happen and what are precautions or benefits and what is the best time. The benefits of Astrology are:

  • It helps to determine the personality of the person and what is the mind and characteristic of our loved ones. So, that we can understand what the strengths and weaknesses do our loved ones have. Later on, which help us to sort out the conflicts and issues between them.
  • Provide us hints for what is going to happen in the future and what are the precaution we can take if there will be something wrong going to happen not even that it predict whether something good is going to happen and what is the best time to take any important decision in life.
  • It determines the relationship compatibility between the two whether business, romance, parental or friendships. It will help you to find what is going wrong happening with your relations and what is the cure for that.

Astrology is real but only if you consult a trusted astrologer who has the right knowledge and you take it as a way to find the solution for the problem. But if you think an astrologer can tell the exact future or five the exact solution you are looking for, then you may never get the answer.

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