Astrology deals with the study of the alignment of heavenly bodies such as the stars, planets, the Moon, or the Sun at the time of a person’s birth and their influence on a person’s daily life. It is believed that astrology can predict a person’s future including their marriage, career, finance, health, and even karmic debt. It can be used as a guiding tool in life for taking various important decisions.

The celestial bodies in our solar system include :

  • THE SUN is also known as ‘Surya’ in Sanskrit, is the king of planets in astrology   which rules the soul and fatherhood. It has different positions on natal charts which vary from person to person.

           The Sun can be strong or weak depending on its position.

A person with the strong Sun on his birth chart will not only be confident, courageous, ambitious, having good leadership skills but also arrogant, aggressive, dominant, and prideful.

The weak Sun on birth charts indicates that a person has a lack of confidence, indecisiveness, pessimism, and seeks validation from others.

  • THE MOON is also known as ‘Chandra’ in Sanskrit, is regarded as the queen of the solar system and it rules the mind and emotions. It can be strong or weak depending on its position on birth charts. A person with a strong Moon will be sensitive, charming, empathetic, peaceful, imaginative, and creative.

           A weak Moon results in insecurity, anxiety, confusion, depression, and stress.

  • MARS, also known as ‘Mangala’ in Sanskrit, is a fiery planet that rules overdrives, action, passion, and confidence.

The characteristics of strong Mars are determination, willpower, courage, discipline, endurance, competitive spirit, anger, violence, and strong-headedness.

Weak Mars on birth charts brings disappointment and obstacles in a person’s life and makes him or her fearful, emotional, and shy.

  •  MERCURY is also known as ‘Budha’ in Sanskrit, is the smallest planet in the solar system and rules education, intellect, communication, memory, and rationality.

Attributes of strong Mercury are a good education, success in fields of trade, commerce, writing, and communication.

The weak Mercury denotes overanalyzing of things, weak in studies, and absent-mindedness.

  • JUPITER is also known as ‘Brhaspati’ in Sanskrit and rules growth, prosperity,   and wisdom.

The strong  Jupiter in birth charts makes a person optimistic, wealthy, intelligent, virtuous, and happy.

The weak Jupiter makes a person gloomy, negative, dependent, and less productive.

  •  VENUS is also known as ‘Shukra’ in Sanskrit. It symbolizes beauty, affection, courtship, self-worth, and passion.

A person with strong Venus in birth charts will be humble, creative, eloquent, affluent, and attractive.

Attributes of weak Venus are hollowness, incapable of presenting one’s thoughts, doubtful about others, unhappiness, problems related to diabetes, unhygienic, and failure of a relationship.

  • SATURN is also known as ‘Shani’ in Sanskrit. It is a malefic planet that represents reality, hard work, restraints, power, stability, and responsibility

A person with a strong Saturn in the birth chart is considered extremely blessed, hardworking, disciplined, mature, driven for a high purpose, and dedicated. A person with weak Saturn may be thoughtless, bitter, lazy, afraid, selfish, and not able to work with dedication.

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